"Without music life would be a mistake." ~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Music has always been an integral part of my existence. I can still hear the sound of my mother singing as she washed dishes in our tiny apartment while I sat quietly on the floor immersed in my crayons and paper. I invite you to step into my world of music where you'll be introduced to the soundtrack of my life.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

What A Wonderful World (Joined Into the Art)

It's easy to see the world as a dark, frightening place full of danger around every corner.  The media delivers a constant barrage of warnings from tainted food to political scams, to severe weather alerts and danger on the internet.  There's a vague undercurrent of fear and anxiety looming over us like storm clouds.

I chose to see the bright side of life.  I chose to see the beauty of the world in which I reside and I chose to participate in the goodness of people and share in the love and humanity that abound in all corners of this vast earth.

I  know that I'm not alone in this experience, for I have met a multitude of wonderful people from every aspect of life.  I can say that although some viewpoints may differ, mutual respect and admiration is plentiful, and I have found this to be especially true among my fellow artists.

I was honored to be asked to participate in a global collaboration of artists in the making of this video.  That I can meet so many wonderful people without leaving the comfort of my home is a marvel.  These are exciting times in which we live, and indeed, what a wonderful world!

My sincere thanks to 69sottosopra for creating this beautiful video and his lovely rendition of Louis Armstrong's, "What A Wonderful World".

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